Mithila Angel Network

Nurturing Startup Ecosystem

Mithila Angel Network (MAN) is the first bootstrapped incubator cum-angel investment group dedicated to the Mithila region striving to create & catalyse a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem in Mithila.

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Mithila Angel Network

The Mithila Angel Network simplifies the process of  investment by providing you with golden investment opportunities and funding the next generation of global businesses in the Mithila region.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Welcome to the Mithila Angel Network!

We are so thrilled to see you here !!! We applaud your decision for taking the first step in the development of Mithila and to help us to create a vividly entrepreneurial ecosystem. Please check our space to join, encapsulate, interact, and foster Mithila within an umbrella of diversified business ventures!!


Mithila Angel Network is delighted to announce the closing of its angel funding round of Roadbez. Read here the full article by The Print .


मिथिला में स्टार्टअप के मदद करय लेल समर्पित एंजेल नेटवर्क मिथिला एंजेल नेटवर्क एकतरफा टैक्सी एग्रीगेटर स्टार्टअप रोडबेज के लेल अपन एंजेल फंडिंग के दौर बंद करय के घोषणा केलक अछि. मिथिला क्षेत्र मे कोनो स्टार्टअप के लेल ग्लोबल एंजल्स के माध्यम सं ई पहिल क्राउड फंडिंग अछि !

The Founders

Arvind Jha

SVP,NewGen|Founder,Pariksha Labs

An IIT Kharagpur alumnus, Arvind is passionate about building world class products to help enterprises with their digital transformation. He mentors SaaS and tech startups working on pure "tech" innovation; cool biz model/service, delivery innovation across early-stage, growth stage, and scale-stage.

Shailendra Mohan Thakur

Shailendra Mohan Thakur
Business Consultant | Finance & Automation

A Business Consultant with a multinational professional service firm. He partners with executives & senior management to transform their business. He has 15+ years of experience in automation, business transformation, and Finance & Accounting operations of Fortune 100 companies.


Founder & CEO Edureify | IIM Alumnus

Prabhat is passionate about building internet businesses from scratch. He is founder & CEO of edureify-An AI-enabled SaaS and learning platform for k-12 & test preparation segment focused on underprivileged cities. He is an IIM C alumnus with an Engineering degree in IT and an accidental Agile Coach.

Dr. Rituraj Singh

Researcher, Samsung Research | AI Centric Systems

An alumnus of IIT Patna, PhD from INRIA, IRISA France, Rituraj is passionate about doing cutting edge research in machine learning with a focus on natural language processing, healthcare and human-centric AI. He has published more than 30 research papers, patents and helps to build AI-centric systems.

Arpit Jha

Software Engineer

Arpit Jha is an IT professional based out of Canada. He brings people, ideas, and inspiration together to make a better product. Having 9+ years of experience in IT, dedicated to bringing a better product for society. He is natively from Darbhanga Bihar. When he isn't helping business, Arpit enjoys listening to music and reading about politics.

Manoj Karn

Technical Architect | Data Science & Analytics

An IT professional based out of USA, Manoj has 11+ years of project management experience, specifically in managing long-term projects in the healthcare domain. He is passionate about data analytics and machine learning. Being native of Darbhanga Bihar, Manoj is very fond of economic development in the Mithila region.

Ujjwal Kumar

IT Professional

Ujjwal kumar is an IT professional based out of Australia. He brings people, ideas, and inspiration together to make a better product. Having 8+ years of experience in IT, dedicated to bringing a better product for society. He is natively from Madhubani, Bihar. Apart from usual business , Ujjwal enjoys sports and participating in cultural events .


MAN is the first bootstrap angel investing firm to build a startup ecosystem in the Mithila region. We are a group of 500+ professionals to help to grow the startups in the Mithila region.
MAN strives to develop the Mithila region. We guide, mentor, advice, and raise the seed capital to grow the business beyond the POC stage.
MAN was running informally from November 2020 and now has a registered office.
MAN works across all domains, namely transportation, agriculture, legal, Fintech, etc. However, MAN is focused on domains that have the immense possibility to grow and create employability.
We will be happy to receive your proposal at
At present, MAN conducts online pitching sessions with an audience full of professionals. New ideas are always welcome.
Anyone can join MAN for free. However, on getting funded, MAN will charge a nominal fee.

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